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Adam (back)

1803 Census shows Adam as a weaver in Ballintoy Parish.


John2 - b 19th Nov 1721 (back)

Died in 'The Rock' Prolusk

Supposed to have left Scotland after the '45 Uprising. It is unlikely that the McGills were involved with the uprising because firstly they were well off and secondly they were well established in the Glasgow business community. Also John had a brother James called after the Stuart Kings and another brother George called after the Hanoverian Kings. John first went to North Carolina with his brother James.


James2 (back)

1803 Census has James as a tailor in Ballintoy Parish.


Hugh (back)

Hugh emigrated to the USA.


Jane McKillop (back)

Jane McKillop was from Cushendall. A member of her family ran a public house at The Quay in Ballycastle, which was a favourite haunt or John McGill, the coachbuilder of Ballycastle and formerly of Totyn, Prolusk.


James3 (back)

James was a Publican. He married Jane Higgins who is buried in St Patrick's and St Brigid's Cemetery in Ballycastle.


Mary (back)

Emigrated to the USA and lived at 24 Calvert Street, Newport, Rhode Island for at least 60 years. She married Thomas F Hughes who was a cyclist. She had at least 16 Grandchildren and 15 Great-grandchildren. She died 4th Oct 1954 and is buried at St Columba's Cemetery.

Rhode Island Records for Mary McGill Hughes and her family from 1900 to 1968 My thanks to 'Bob Ryan of Rumford Rhode Island' for all the time and effort he put into researching this. See also the copies of newspaper entries for the deaths of both Thomas F and Mary Hughes.


William2 (back)

William went to the USA where he died in 1936 aged 31 as the result of a botched appendicitis operation. He is buried in Oceanview Cemetery, California. According to Ellis Island records William sailed to the USA on the Lusitania from the port of Liverpool on the19th March 1910. He went to join a friend Don Christie who lived at 328 2nd Street Eureka Humboldt County CA.


Entry from

Willie McGill
Willie, of Prolusk, died at the age of 32 (C 1912) after a botched appendix operation, in an American hospital.
He was a well known fiddler, who had been home on holidays just 6 months previously.
(Mary McCurdy


Jane (back)

Jane married John McMullan. She died in Mosside


Elizabeth1 (back)

Elizabeth married McMullan of the Moss, Moyarget. She died in Moyarget.


Rose1 (back)

Rose married Tom McCurdy. Children were Tom, John, Rose (married Pat Donnelly [children Irene and Patricia] and Mary married Charles Christie. According to Ellis Island records Rose, at the age of 24, sailed from Londonderry to  the USA on the SS State of Nebraska on 11th May 1900. She was going to her sister Mary Hughes who at the time lived in Blecord ? Newport Rhode Island. Her fare was paid for by her Brother-in-law Thomas Hughes. 


Hugh2 (back)

Hugh worked for Peter Dallat and his father before he went to the USA. Was he the well sinker who made the well at Ann Street Ballycastle and possibly at Straid Road, Ballinlea.

An address for Hugh in the USA was possibly 428 Sylvania Avenue, Folsom, PA, USA. Another may have been 7336 Buist Avenue, (42), PA, USA.

Birth Date: 23 Dec 1889 
Death Date: Jul 1966 
Social Security Number:  160-09-4397 
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Pennsylvania

Death Residence Localities

ZIP Code: 19033 
Localities:  Folsom, Delaware, Pennsylvania

Milmont Park, Delaware, Pennsylvania


Catherine (back)

Catherine McGill was born in Glendun and died 5th June 1965 in Ann Street, Ballycastle. She Married John McGill


John4 (back)

John was born about 1850 and died in Tarbracks, Morningside, Edinburgh. He married Charlotte.

John was a cattle dealer who used to trade cattle to Scotland. He met Charlotte in Stranraer and they married and lived in Scotland.


Elizabeth Glass (back)

Married James McGill (my Grandfather) on 5th February 1951


Daniel (back)

Daniel 'Dingle' may have lived at 'The Trench' a small farm at Carnasampson with his brother William.


Elizabeth McCurdy (back)

Elizabeth McCurdy was the daughter of McCurdy and Graeme. She died in 1922 and is buried in Bonamargey. Her headstone is tipped sideways.


John5 (back)

John was born about 1879 and died 9th April 1962 in Ballycastle. He married (1) Sarah Shields (2)Catherine McGill.

Sarah Shields died in childbirth. The child was Mary McGill (Born about 1907 - Died 26th June 1980)  who married Archibald McCaughan (Born about 1911 - Died 7th February 1982). They lived at 45 Ann Street Ballycastle.

John McGill may have met Sarah when he was living in Ballymoney serving his time at Porters the Coachbuilders.

John trained as a coachbuilder at Porters in Ballymoney. He moved to Ballycastle and started up his business in the Milltown. He excavated a workshop at the back of Castle Street and then moved up to a workshop at the mill. He raised a family with his second wife and cousin Catherine McGill. He also extended a little cottage to two stories. He later built a house in Market Street, which he sold with a field he had been left by Hugh. He then moved to the present McGill home at 71 Ann Street, Ballycastle where he built a workshop, continuing his trade with horse-drawn vehicles. Later after refusing the offer of a Ford franchise he went into building houses.


Entry from

John McGill
John, who was also born at Prolusk, was a coach-builder who also made fiddles and banjos as a hobby.
One fiddle was made of celluloid, which had been salvaged from the wreckage of a Canadian plane, which crashed in Glenshesk in Dec. 1943.


Rose2 (back)

Rose McGill was born about 1883. She died 28th May 1946 in Prolusk. She married Andrew Blackmore on 7th January 1920 in Ballinlea. Andrew Blackmore died 8th February 1971 in Coleraine Hospital.


Mary2 (back)

Mary McGill was born about 1886 and died 28th July 1968 in Prolusk. She married Denis McGregor.


Mary Knocker

Child of Patrick McGill and Mary Knocker was Elizabeth McGill possible born 12th July 1860 died 16th October 1922. She married Willie Dean.